HSD-EMAT Electromagnetic Flaw Detecting Module



Product Brief

HSD-EMAT Electromagnetic flaw detector for each module has two channels, each channel has an independent module transmitting circuit, receiving circuit (amplification, filtering, detection, sampling, distance compensation), is a new type of instrument automobile, petrochemical, metallurgy, machinery and other industries on the metal plate, pipe detection. The coupling medium is not needed in the detection process, so the detection speed is fast, the required channel is few, and the automation is easy to realize. And can be combined with a plurality of detection channels, and can meet the requirements of a single workpiece for internal injury, trauma and other one-time detection. Suitable for metal, tube and metal plate flaw detection. The modules are connected through Gigabit switches, so they are easy to connect and expand between channels.

Range of application

– The utility model is suitable for detecting the internal injuries of various metal tubes and plates of different materials, and has high sensitivity and efficiency for detecting cracks on the inside and outside surfaces, pores, inclusions, openings, cracks, etc.

– Nondestructive inspection of steel tubes, stainless steel tubes, seamless tubes, metal plates and other lines on line and off line.

Product Features

– No coupling agent: The energy conversion of the EMAT is performed directly in the skin layer of the workpiece surface. Therefore, the skin layer can be regarded as a piezoelectric wafer, and because the skin layer is the surface layer of the workpiece, the ultrasonic generated by the EMAT does not need any coupling medium.

– Detection speed: the traditional piezoelectric ultrasonic testing speed is difficult to reach a new level, 20 meters / minute (domestic equipment), while EMAT can reach 40 meters / minute, or even faster.

– The workpiece surface requirements are not high: EMAT equipment through the transducer does not touch the workpiece surface, in the workpiece to emit and accept ultrasonic, so the surface of the workpiece need not be processed.

– The required channel is few: because the electromagnetic ultrasonic propagation distance is far, can be around the general diameter pipe material for a week or even a few weeks distance, so the coverage is wider, the required channel is less, easy to use.

– Automatic recording and display of defects location: Digital electromagnetic ultrasonic testing instrument has the function of preservation of flaw detection parameters and inspection documents, which can be checked and rechecked at any time.

– Distance compensation: In view of the increase of the flaw detection distance, the amplitude of the damage wave will be reduced. The EMAT flaw detection equipment uses distance compensation method to automatically compensate the amplitude of the damage wave, and it is easy to distinguish the damage wave.

– The ability to detect natural defects is strong: After entering the experiment and user feedback, the EMAT flaw detector can detect defects such as folding, heavy skin and holes which are not easily detected on the surface of the steel tube.

– End, end and tail signal removal function

– Clock controlled synchronous, high-precision, real-time, delayed alarm output, marking function

– Detection signal dynamic recording, playback, analysis function




Applicable Standard

– National standard (JB/T10061-1999) “General specification for A pulse reflection type ultrasonic flaw detector”

– National standard (JJG 746 -2004) “People’s Republic of China national metrological verification regulation — ultrasonic flaw detector”

– European standard (EN12668-1) “Nondestructive testing – Characteristics and certification of ultrasonic testing equipment – Part 1: Instruments”


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