HSD-EC Eddy Current Flaw Detecting Module



Product Brief

HSD-EC Eddy current flaw detector has 4 independent detection channels, each channel has an independent module transmitting circuit, receiving circuit (amplification, filtering, detection, sampling), automotive, petrochemical, metallurgy, machinery and other industries, the metal components of the online offline or pre service and in-service inspection for the instrument, coupling medium without detection in the process, also need not contact the workpiece, easy to realize automation. Because of having a plurality of detecting passages, the utility model can meet the requirement of one-time inspection for multiple detecting surfaces of a single workpiece, and is suitable for flaw detection of metal pipes, bars, wires and profiles. The modules are connected through Gigabit switches, so they are easy to connect and expand between channels.

Range of application

– The utility model is suitable for the surface detection of various metal tubes, bars and wires suitable for different materials, and has high sensitivity for detecting surface cracks, air holes, inclusions and openings, cracks, etc.

– Nondestructive inspection of steel tubes, stainless steel pipes, welded pipes and metal bars online and offline.




Product Features

– Detection speed: <100meters/minute

– Number of channels: Single module, four independent channels detection

– Excitation frequency: <5MHz

– Gain 0-90dB, regulation quantity0.1dB/gear

– Matched scan band pass filtering

– Real time impedance plane and time base scanning display

– Provides V-X, V-Y, V-XY three time base scanning real-time display modes for selection

– Automatic recording of defect position

– End, end and tail signal removal function

– Clock controlled synchronous, high-precision, real-time, delayed alarm output, marking function

– Automatic date and time display

– Detection signal dynamic recording, playback, analysis function

Applicable Standard

– National standard (GB/T 7735-2004) “Method for eddy current inspection of steel tubes”

– National standard (JJG 746-2004) “People’s Republic of China national metrological verification regulation — ultrasonic flaw detector”




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