HS900L Portable Electromagnetic (EMAT) Low Frequency Guide Wave Detector



Electromagnetic guided wave, no need Polishing and coupling
Far transmission distance, up to 300 meters, high efficiency of detection

HS 900L Performance Features

  • Apply to specific wire rope , rebar , screw thread steel for long distance corrosion detection;
  • Integrated design, light weight, small size, easy to carry, nice appearance, combining display data and acquisition;
  • Small attenuation, transmitting distance up to 300 m;
  • One-way detection distance up to 50~150, high efficiency of detection, Directional emission (positive and reverse, two-way), no need coupling agent;
  • Single receiving channel with functions of direction control using 2 way emission to control the direction of electromagnetic ultrasonic testing;
  • The functions of directional transmission (positive and reverse, two-way)
  • Image intuitive and easy to learn and use;
  • The function of dispersion curve of ultrasonic guided wave mode selection.
  • The functions of 64 order for echo signal digital filter and wavelet denoising, digital average and the denoising process does not affect the wave height and accuracy;
  • The function of an automatic calibration guided wave velocity.
  • The functions of storing all data records and data analysis on instrument or on computer;
  • The connecting cable between instrument and probe adopts double shield structure, which makes stronger anti-interference ability;
  • Modular battery, double batteries and double charger.

Transmitting Parameters

  • Output: The differential output
  • The Type Of Wave: Square wave
  • Excitation PulseNumber:1-20 continuously adjustable
  • Excitation Pulse Rate: 10KHz-150KHz continuously adjustable
  • Excitation Pulse Strength: 300Vpp-500 Vpp
  • Output Current: up to 15A

Receiving Parameters

  • Input: Differential input clamp
  • Input: Differential input clamp
  • Input Impedance:<50Ω
  • Repetition Frequency: 5-50Hz
  • Sampling Frequency/Figures:20MHz/14Bits
  • Bandwidth Range:10KHz-150KHz
  • Detection Methods:The positive and negative detection,The detection and radio frequency waves
  • Range stepping adjustment:1mm(transverse wave)
  • Gain (attenuator)stepping adjustment:80dB/0.1、2.0、6.0
  • Precision Attenuator:<±1dB/12dB
  • The Equivalent Input Noise:<80×10-9V/Hz1/2
  • Vertical Linear Error:<3%
  • Horizontal Linear Error:<1%
  • Dynamic Range:≥30dB
  • Detection Range: Maximum 300 m
  • Excitation Mode: Permanent magnet

Offline Analysis Evaluation Function

  • Analysis software can work offline and easy to operate.
  • Analyzing and evaluating all records of test results, regenerate curve and the test results
  • Output test results and statistics report of defect.


  • Weld inspection
  • Aerospace industry
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Arsenal
  • Electric Power Industry
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Chemical industry

Instrument Parameters

    • Dimensions Of Display Screen:8.4inch 24-digit true color display
    • Data Storage: Internal 32GB, external USB can be directly stored
    • Expansion Interface: USB2.0×2,100M/1000M LAN×1,VGA×1
    • Alarm:1
    • Operating Temperature: 0–40℃
    • Storage Temperature: -20℃-65℃
    • Power Supply Mode: AC220-DC15V adapter, 11.1V lithium battery
    • Working Hours: 8 hours (single battery)
    • Dimensions: 250×180×75(mm)
    • Weight: 2.7Kg (including battery)



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