HS810 Portable Double-screen Multi-channel TOFD Ultrasonic Flaw Detector



Zhongke HS810 Portable multi-channel double-screen TOFD Ultrasonic Flaw Detector SupplierOur company’s 1st Phased Array flaw detector was designed and manufactured in 2010, after years user feedback and technology improvement, the HS PA20 Phased Array flaw detector has became the high performance and easy operate model. it’s TFT screen with high image resolution (1024*768 pixel, image can be shown more dedicate, flaw size and location can be shown with higher accuracy), the display refresh rate is 60Hz, ensures the image reflects the scanning position; HS PA20 Phased Array flaw detector with 32 elements transmit and receive signal synchronously, it can real time display A-scan, C-scan, D-scan, S-scan and L-scan image, and it has max.300V transmit voltage (the emission power higher than domestic and foreign products).


◆ Designed according to EN12668,  GB/T4730, BS 7706, ASTM, ASME, ENV583 , CEN -14751,  NEN 1822, DNV, API, RBIM standard

◆ With Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique (SAFT), improve defect measurement accuracy

◆ With high detection efficiency

◆ With friendly user interface, more convenient to be used at the detection site

◆ With function of remote controlling and automatic scanning

◆ We can customize software according user’s requirements

◆ We can customize Manual/Auto scanner according user’s requirements

◆ With high performance lion-battery for longtime work


General Features

  • With Chinese/English operation menu.
  • With high light TFT screen; Background color and brightness can be set according to environment; clear display under high-light or low-light environment.
  • Testing with ultrasonic diffraction signal, solve the limitation and insoluble of convention ultrasonic testing which only use A-scan
  • Intergraded with A scan, B scan, TOFD imaging and guided wave imaging
  • With Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique (SAFT), improve defect measurement accuracy
  • With stable waveform, high SNR (Signal to noise ration), identify the defects more clearly
  • With built-in detection process standards, and the instrument can help user automatically generate detection process
  • Using a scanner instead of holding probe with hand, more quickly, more steady and more accurate
  • TOFD testing with multi-channels, cover all area of weld saw
  • With large storage space and the testing data can be transmitted through the network
  • The instrument shell is made by polymer composites, shockproof and drop resistance
  • Integrated data cable with low transmission loss
  • Tesigned according to EN12668-1:2000 standard, with Chinese and English certificate

Flaw Detector Features

  • Scanning mode: non-parallel and parallel scan for weld
  • Defect location: analysis software directly read out the defect location, depth and its height
  • Defects display: Visual display the location of the defect in the workpiece and the vertical endpoint
  • A-scan: RF A-scan waveform improve evaluation capacity of defect signal
  • B-scan: demonstrate the cross section with defects
  • TOFD imaging: display the weld saw section with scan dimension and depth dimension, the location, length, depth and height of defects will be demonstrated

Testing Scope

Zoned coverage of 200mm thickness with multi-channel TOFD and PE testing, can be extended to cover 400mm thickness

Data Analysis

  • Through Wave Removal: special tool to process near-surface defect, improve near-surface defect analysis accuracy

    Horizontal and Vertical Shift: Meet different operation habit

    SAFT: Effectively improved the defect measurement accuracy

Data Record and Output

Testing parameters can be preset, loaded, saved, edited, printed and sent to PC easily.

One-time 40m TOFD scan reach large data record storage

The testing data, image can be auto named and auto-saved.

The testing data, image can be can be saved, loaded, analyzed, printed and send to PC easily

With USB2.0 , LAN and VGA communication interfaces

Off-line Analysis Software Function

The off-line analysis software can be installed in Windows™ 98SE, Windows™ 2000, Windows™ XP, Windows™ Vista and Windows™ Win7 operation system.

Display pre-processing image and after-processing image on the same screen.

Directly convert TOFD image to BMP

Restore and replay A scan waveform recorded when scanning

Analysis defect size and contour

Statistical analysis of the thickness / amplitude data

Analysis result can be converted into ASCII / MS Word / MS Excel format report


Max Probes used 10
Pulse minus rectangle pulse
Pulse front edge <10 ns
Pulse width 50 ns-1000ns adjustable
Impedance match 25Ω /500Ω adjustable
Scanning range 0-1400mm
Sampling frequency 125MHZ/12bits
Sampling depth 512/1024 adjustable
Repetition frequency 25-800Hz adjustable
Waveform average 1-8 adjustable
Rectify mode digital rectify
Attenuator Accuracy <+1dB/12dB
Sound speed 300~20000 m/s
Dynamic range ≥30dB


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