HS-Q6 Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector



4.8 inch TFT screen, with 800*480 resolution, and 400cd brightness, clear display under high-light or low-light environment.

  • Complied with IP67 protection standard, not only waterproof and dust proof, but can work in water.
  • Advanced Joystick technology, realize one-bottom operation
  • Large SD storage space, with function to record the dynamic testing waveform and testing data of the whole testing process
  • With function of flaw detector and thickness gauge
  • With high performance Lithium battery, for long-time work
  • Measuring the defect height with diffraction signal of defect tips
  • Calculating the equivalent diameter of defects
  • Correcting the error caused by coved face
  • Spectrum analysis functions, with high speed FFT processing, able to measure the performance of transducer
  • With VGA interface, can connect projector
  • With high-speed USB 2.0 interface
  • The system can be upgraded directly via U disk.
  • With high resolution in near-field, suitable for flaw detection in thin-plate, composite material, metal and weld inspection.


Special Supply

  • High frequency, narrow bandwidth, high signal-to-noise ratio.

    With special probe can detection 1.5mm to 5mm work-pieces.

  • Specifications

    Sampling frequency 200MHz / 10bit
    Repetition frequency 25Hz、50Hz、100Hz、200Hz、500Hz、1000Hz
    Damp match 25Ω、50Ω、200Ω、500Ω
    Frequency range 0.5-4M、2-8M、10M、2-20M
    Surplus sensitivity >60dB
    Noise ≤10%
    Probe mode single or dual transducer
    Dynamic range ≥30dB
    Li-battery supply more than 4 hours
    Vertical linear error ≤3%
    Horizontal linear error ≤0.1%
    Excitation pulse minus square-wave, with 50-10μs width adjustable (step 10ns)
    Size 170mm×102mm×44mm


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