HS-F1 Electromagnetic (EMAT) Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge



Zhongke HS-F1 EMAT Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Thickness GaugeOur company’s 1st Phased Array flaw detector was designed and manufactured in 2010, after years user feedback and technology improvement, the HS PA20-A Phased Array flaw detector has became the high performance and easy operate model. it’s TFT screen with high image resolution (1024*768 pixel, image can be shown more dedicate, flaw size and location can be shown with higher accuracy), the display refresh rate is 60Hz, ensures the image reflects the scanning position; HS PA20-A Phased Array flaw detector with 16 elements transmit and receive signal synchronously, it can real time display A-scan, C-scan, D-scan, S-scan and L-scan image, and it has max.300V transmit voltage (the emission power higher than domestic and foreign products).



  • Innovative development of non-contact thickness measurement instrument (probe suspended), to subvert the traditional.
  • HD TFT color high resolution screen display, without glare effect.
  • Small body, function, waveform, measurement results at a glance.
  • The measurement accuracy is higher than that of the conventional longitudinal wave thickness measurement, and the measurement is more relaxed by using the method of transverse wave vertical incidence.
  • Electromagnetic method to excite the ultrasonic wave, the work-piece is the source of the ultrasonic wave, not affected by the angle, the measurement results and the probe zero bias is not related, the measurement accuracy is higher. – The probe can be lifted, and the thickness of the rough work-piece with the oxide skin and the paint layer can be measured. – In testing, do not need coupling agent, no impact on the environment, reduce human and material resources and financial resources. – Large temperature range, high temperature environment, the use of large thickness measurement, and no high temperature coupling agent, such as high value of the material consumption, low cost.

Technical Parameters

Display: 4.3 “TFT LCD

Sampling frequency: 10bit/200MHz

Bandwidth: 500kHz-8MHz

Excitation voltage: 600V

Work-piece temperature range: -10℃ to 600℃ (based on different probes)

Detection range: 1mm~200mm (extensible to 400mm)

Measurement accuracy: 0.01mm

Lift off height: 3mm

Excitation mode: permanent magnet (electromagnetic mode can be customized)

Gain: 0-80dB (adjusting precision 0.1dB/2dB/6dB)

Equivalent input noise: < 80 * 10-9V/Hz1/2

Attenuator precision: < + 1dB/12dB

Vertical linear error: < 3%

Horizontal linear error: < 0.2%

Detection mode: positive and negative detection, detection and RF

Battery: 7.4V DC, lithium battery, continuous work for 4 hours

Weight of the whole machine: 0.75kg

Main unit with accessories list

HS-F1 Main unit with power adapter (standard configuration)

1mm ~ 200mm, -10℃ ~ 260℃ probes (standard configuration)

1mm ~ 400mm, -10℃ ~ 260℃ probes

1mm ~ 100mm, 600℃ high temperature probe

Normal temperature cable (standard configuration)

High temperature cable

260℃ High temperature extension rod

600℃ High temperature extension rod


  • Weld inspection
  • Aerospace industry
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Arsenal
  • Electric Power Industry
  • Petroleum Industry
  • Chemical industry


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