EMAT Series Automatic Ultrasonic Inspection System



Applications Range

At present, Piezoelectric ultrasonic flaw detection which domestic use often requires a coupling agent in order to achieve a good coupling with the DUT, and the DUT high surface quality requirements, so it is difficult to apply to the detection environment of high temperature, high speed and rough surfaces surroundings.The EMAT solves this problem, it does not require a coupling agent in the detection and the detection result is true and reliable, high repeatability.

Compared piezoelectric ultrasonic testing which domestic uses, an electromagnetic ultrasonic probe with high coverage, the number of probes greatly reduced, relatively simplified mechanical structure for seamless steel tubes, steel source material detection, line detection of train wheels and axles.


Performance Index

– Comply with European Standard (EN12668-1)

– Excitation pulse intensity: 600Vpp

– The number of excitation pulses: 1-25 continuously adjustable

– Excitation pulse phase: 0-180 degree continuously adjustable

– Frequency range: 0.3-1.5MHz continuously adjustable

– Sampling frequency / bit: 100MHz / 10Bits

– Bandwidth: 300KHz-2MHz

– Detection mode: positive and negative detection, full-wave detector and RF

– Range Adjustment step: 1mm (shear)

– Gain (attenuator) adjusting step: 80dB / 0.1,2.0

– Attenuator accuracy: <± 1dB / 12dB

– Equivalent input noise: <80 × 10-9V / Hz

– Vertical linearity error: <3%

– Dynamic Range: ≥30dB

– Excitation mode: 50Hz AC


Offline Analysis and Evaluation Functions

– Sound, light and intelligent voice alarm

– Probe coupling is not normal,there is audible alarm

– Automatic alarm, automatic marking and injury wave warning

– It has a network interface for network management and remote monitoring data

– Scalable Dual display for easy on-site commissioning personnel and observation


Auxiliary Functions

– Analysis and evaluation software can work offline, easy to operate

– Full information on the test results recorded for analysis and assessment of each channel waveform and reproducible test results

– Display detection information, channel information function and detection parameters

– Defect detection result output statistics report

– Batch output N test report

– Report forms: word document


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