CBUT Series Automatic Ultrasonic Inspection System for High-pressure Tan




– Transportation, chemical, fire, marine, energy, construction, industry, pressure cooker bottle
– Ship bottle and container transport product automatic detection equipment


Inspection technology

Cylinders for straight line part of the two-way (longitudinal and transverse) ultrasonic flaw detection, automatic detection of interior and exterior and internal longitudinal and transverse defects, automatically detect pot bottles of wall thickness


Test standard

GB4730-2005 《Nondestructive testing of pressure equipment》
GB/T5777-2012《Seamless steel pipe methods for ultrasonic testing》
GB/T18248《 Seamless steel tubes for gas cylinder》


Technological Advantage

1) Instrument parameters: Can meet eu standards (EN12668-1) , and the standard factory inspection, while providing European standard certificate.

2) Inspection Speed ( repeat frequency) : The line speed of up to 60 m/min, Repetition frequency up to 5 KHZ(And the detection rate is closely related to the technical specifications for the repetition frequency)

3) Channel independency: Strict independence between channels, each channel has its own existence independent transmit and receive timing control

4) Instrument scalability: To meet the higher testing standards or the actual needs of users, the number of channels can be expanded.

5) Modular design: convenient service

6) Machine design、processing、installation and debugging:large mechanical design team,Trusted cooperative processing units, assembly debugging standard management, accumulated a wealth of experience in similar projects, supporting the well-known brands purchased parts.

7) Control segment: using well-known brand components and customer production lines matching OP operator terminal display operating status and fault information standard design

8) C-scan thickness of image display, Thickness measurements show grade in at least 64 kinds or more, at the same time obtain circumferential and axial thickness distribution


The Mechanical Structure Form

– Gantry beam type (traditional)

– Can also be customized according to the specific requirements of the user site



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